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In 2016 we did a survey with 98 employees*. Before the courses began we asked participants to fill out an anonymous questionnaire. We asked how they really felt about doing courses with their colleagues and about the stresses of speaking English.

All answers in a PDF file (German, ~123kB)


After the first course we asked them how they felt.

Evaluation: 88.9% of the participants rated the course positively

88.9% of the participants rated the course positively!
Detailed results in a PDF file (German, ~293kB)

The Warm-up Course is not about learning. The deal is, you turn up each week and agree to commit to whatever exercises/games/roleplay the trainer brings. The idea is to remove all pressure and to build a solid foundation for subsequent courses.

We found the results fascinating. It is evident how essential it is to have language trainers who are also trained to put people at ease so that meeting each week in an easy-going, non-judgmental environment, even people who felt they had embarrassed themselves in front of colleagues (question 6) were nevertheless looking forward to the following course (question 12).

We have continued to evaluate courses at all levels throughout the last year.

* Hella-Gutmann Solutions, GmbH (2016)
Due to vacation, illness, business travel, etc. an average of 70 participants took part in the surveys over the year.