Add-on events menu for B2+ level, 2018

Let’s keep the English going!

Prices for our Add-on Events vary. For some our standard fixed hourly rate of € 65,00 applies (that's a 60 minute hour), but others may require different pricing based on event duration, preparation and the specialized qualifications of our trainers. Additional photocopying/book costs or travel rates (for clients located outside of the Freiburg centre) may also apply. For more detailed information regarding course design, content, pricing and scheduling, please contact us at

After-hours - Dynamic Discourse

A series of early evening, high-energy 90 minute performances* giving unusual insights into various topics. This is an audience participation event for B2+ level. Vocabulary handout available for each event. Monthly/every 2 months. Intranet advertisement is advised 2 weeks in advance and registration required.

Topics include:
How did it Happen? – do you meet the criteria to become an American president?
Small Talk – why we should stop trying so hard!
Death by Power Point – How to keep people awake during your presentations
Body Language – you can’t hide how you really feel!
*This is a stage-audience setting so the event should be held in a larger room – minimum participant number 15.

Big English Breakfast

Keep people speaking English, even when courses are finished. Once a month* a late breakfast and chat. Bringing each other up-to-date on ‘God and the world’. No themes - just let it happen!
*Monthly for each level from B1 Duration: 90 mins. Maximum participant number: 12 Registration required.

English ‘Stammtisch’

A chance to speak English away from the work setting. Various topics include, British/American traditions, culture, eccentricities, idioms, slang, songs, food, etc.
Evenings, 2 x monthly, 2 hours. B2+ level
This is a 10 week course, not a drop-in setting. Registration required. ‘Schnuppers’ welcome!

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60 min Chinwag (Schwatz)

Spontaneous and lively, keep your English skills polished by coming in and chatting for 60 minutes with us once a week/twice a month. If you need to know what we are talking about in advance this is not for you! A ‘short, sharp, shock’, we will surprise you every time with the unexpected …
Maximum participant number: 12 Level: B2+ Registration required.

English Film Club

Perhaps it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a film in the English language (English subtitles available). This event takes place once a month/once every two months at WordCafe. A short discussion starts the evening off, followed by analysis after the film has finished.
Duration 2+ hours. Maximum participant number: 12 Level B2+ Registration required.

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Nerd Alert!

Gamers, this 60 minute discussion group will be perfect for you. You are the experts! You’ll bring in the topics for discussion and the trainer will guide the chat. Feel free to introduce us to your favourite game/s and tell us what is so interesting about it/them. Describe the features and tell us about the designer and who the best players are. Feel free to bring along your laptops but be sure, this hour is about talking, not gaming
Weekly/twice monthly for B2+ level. Maximum participant number: 6 Registration required.

In Detail – specialised English workshops

For people interested in getting into detail in specific areas such as grammar, emailing, presentations, meetings, self-confidence, fear of public speaking, small talk, etc. please ask us for more details about our (ca. 4 hour) workshops. The workshops give participants a chance to deepen their knowledge in a more intensive setting without feeling so much time pressure. Each workshop covers very specific areas of the chosen subject (details given in advance).
Maximum participant number: 10 Registration required. From level B1+