Team Makeover

Is your team exhausted?
Has it lost its sense of humour?
Is the glass mostly half empty?

It might be the time for a Team Makeover Day.

If your team is willing to be completely transformed for a day, read on …

Team Makeover – an alternative to team building

Broadly speaking, standard team building centres around enhancing social relations and defining roles within teams, often with collaborative tasks. It helps to expose, address and solve interpersonal problems.

The Team Makeover Event, or Metamorphosis Event, deliberately takes clients out of their usual context (comfort zone) and temporarily resettles them in another. The contrast between the two contexts awakens new reactions within each individual. Our focus is on this unique process of reflecting and reacting to this change.

Who is it for?

The Metamorphosis Event is intended for teams/individuals/couples who have experienced intense or chronic stress and who need an enjoyable and intensive experience in order to ‘reset’.

Immediate results

For the individual: new insights and increased self-awareness and self-respect.
For the team: a closer team connection as a result of increased awareness, renewed appreciation, better understanding of the deeper motivations of team members, increased energy, and more humour.

Positive impact lasting beyond the event

Longer term agile teamwork becomes difficult if each individual retreats into a rigid survival mode during high stress phases (‘every man for himself’). Whilst we cannot claim to make this stress disappear, team members with a renewed connection to one another are better equipped to withstand the inevitable turbulent phases.

What we don’t do

We do not offer team diagnostics and we do not offer conflict management or expose/address interpersonal problems within the team. We are not problem solvers (but a side effect of our work can often improve many issues within a team).

What we promise!

Metamorphosis Events will help to release creative energy as clients are reminded how good it feels when they don’t take life so seriously!

Costs: Event day, €250,00 per hour (Incl. Trainer & make-up artist)
Preparation*: €160,00 (Incl. Trainer and make-up artist)

*Preparation includes informal interview with team members (min. 3 weeks before event day), measuring for wigs, wig preparation, sourcing accessories, schedule planning, etc.

The team makeover event was as far as I could see the release of lots of positive energy and fun. The team members experienced themselves in a complete different, unusual setting where there was no need of achieving anything. They saw each other with new eyes, gave each other feedback and shared something really special. There was a lot of appreciation in the room when I (as curious HR Developer) joined for the final part. Thanks to Wendy and her colleagues, the team is still talking with a smile about this day - maybe other teams will follow!
— Stephanie Anton (HR Haufe)

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