Creative Coaching at WordCafe

It's not fun being too anxious to speak at a meeting.

It's no joke when you have a speech to give and you can't sleep at night and it's no laughing matter when you can't seem to get your life under control. Everyone has issues - that's normal. But sometimes when a big challenge is coming, it's time to have someone on your side.

What will we do with you?
The Creative Coaching we offer at WordCafe will give you the opportunity to define the problem clearly and precisely and to explore the beliefs that underlie such thoughts as "they think I'm stupid because I always make mistakes", or "I feel like a fake - there's no way I can do this". We have various creative techniques to help you move forward (but we won't share them here).

Lighten up!
Just as with all other aspects of WordCafe, creative coaching is based on the belief that we should never take ourselves too seriously. Yes, we can have serious issues but the solutions can be surprisingly uncomplicated and light-hearted. Never underestimate the power of humour and of being human.

Who are we?

Wendy Zähringer-Hardy has a Masters degree in art therapy and art education (Calw) and specialises in paediatric and adult oncology. She coaches clients with performance anxiety, (especially in foreign langauges) and with adults looking for a new, more authentic direction in their lives.

Kasia Vintrici is a certified art therapist (DGKT - Freiburg) specialising in paediatric oncology. She is also a qualified and very experienced make-up artist, working for theatre and television.

What does it cost?
We charge €70,00 per 60 minute hour plus 19% VAT. Appointments are arranged as often as you need them. You are not signing up for a course.

Contact us at under the heading Creative Therapy.

Please note: We don't offer psychotherapy! If we see that the issues you have would be better helped in a psychotherapeutic setting we will advise you accordingly.